We are obviously in uncertain times, worldwide! We are blessed to live in such an active digital world and a country like the United States of America, where we have a bit of control over what goes on in our part of the world. However, we must look at the bigger picture sometimes to consider the rippling affect of our actions. Under the advisement of our Bishop and with consideration to everyone who may be affected by COVID19 we have decided to cancel any gatherings of 10 or more people at our facilities. This includes Sunday Worship, Wednesday meal/fellowship, choir practice, Optimist Club, and Girl Scouts. We hope to resume worship celebrations on Palm Sunday, and this will hopefully take place in the renovated Sanctuary. I apologize for this absence but keep a check on our Face Book page and our website for recorded sermons and devotionals as we take advantage of our digital technology. Also, on our website we have a Donate button where you can continue to tithe/or make your standard offerings. Feel free to drop by the church as we will be busy completing our renovation one step at a time. If you get bored around the house and want something to do there is plenty here, at church to keep you busy. While we have this down time, we can do deep cleans in both kitchens and dining areas as well as outside windows, bushes, shrubbery and general spring clean type of stuff. I miss gathering with all of you already but look forward to all we will accomplish before we meet again.

Rev Jim Batchelor

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