United Methodist Men


Our UMM do not meet for a monthly meeting. Instead we gather at random times either for social gathering or to perform many of the maintenance duties around the church. On occasion we prepare a breakfast type meal to serve atg some of our planned fundraisers.  We have found that monthly meetings sometimes were not enough as we needed to gathere before a scheduled meeting and on the flipside of that we found we had already gathered three times in a month and attending a scheduled meeting was redundant.

          Work projects in and around the church may be as simple as changing locks or repairing a toilet.  However, they could be as complex as running electrical and plumbing to perform specialized landscaping around the church sign.  

          Our Programs we discuss can be organizing a men’s sponsored worship celebration for a designated Sunday in July.  Another program is the annual Christmas Bazaar where we cook several cases of boston butts for the BBQ we sell.  A program we have participated in, in the past, is the annual Men’s Advance at Blue Lake that takes place each spring. 

          We are eager to participate in several different missions such as building handicap ramps, handrails, minor house repairs and assisting the Lighthouse when needed. 

Annual Fish Fry  

          The LUMC Men hosts an annual Fish Fry on Labor Day weekend (Friday & Saturday) from 11:30 till 1:30.  The plate lunches include two fried fish filets, coleslaw, baked beans, hushpuppies and desert.  For our dine-in customers we will have tea, water, and coffee for a beverage.  All of this only $7.00 and tickets are available at any time.